Seattle Pinball League Wildcard Round – 2016 Version

The wildcard uses a best-set format on the six final machines, same as prior years, with one difference: The number of mulligans each player gets is based on their 2016 SPL performance. One mulligan is provided for EACH top 4 finish. In addition, 16th place in the standings gets 3 Mulligans.

Player                                Mulligans

Alex Tada                         1

Amanda Kotchon            1

Andrew Nunes                1

David Latimer                  1

James Edes                      1

Jeff Anderson                  2

Jeff Gagnon                     1

John McAllister               1

Julie Gray                         3

Kayla Greet                      1

Kevin Birrell                     1

Matt Galbraith                1

Mike Pantoliano             1

Paul Palinkas                   1


For each mulligan, a player chooses a machine they want to replay. If the score on that game is better than the prior score, the new score is recorded. There is no risk, in that if the score is not as good as prior score, the prior score is kept.  

Points are earned on each machine based on how the score compares to each other player’s score.

Highest score = 50

2nd = 45

3rd = 42

4th = 40

5th and on = 39, 38, 37 ...


The points from all six machines will be added up for those six games played and the player with the largest combined point total moves into the finals.


If there is a tie, there will be a one game playoff on a randomly-selected machine to determine the winner

If a machine goes down and can't be repaired all scores for that game will be voided.

If you don't win the wildcard playoff your SPL ranking will remain the same as you entered the playoff.