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Frequently Used Acronyms

20KBig Bang Bar, still in the box.Joke.The price isn't very funny, though.
2424 - The Pinball  
6M$MSix Million Dollar Man  
6MDMSix Million Dollar Man  
8BEight Ball  
8BDEight Ball Deluxe  
904904 Pinball 'ZineMagazineJacksonville, Florida's pinball 'zine.
A13Apollo 13  
ACMAGMAGnetic AcceleratorTechFrom Demolition Man.
AFAIKAs Far As I KnowForum 
AFMAttack from Mars  
AGAlvin G. & Co.Mfr 
AGBAl's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour  
AH3Amazon Hunt III  
AIArtificial IntelligenceTech 
AIUIAs I Understand/Understood ItForum 
AKAAlso Known AsForum 
AMOAAmusement and Music Operators AssociationGroup 
APAustin Powers  
ASAPAs Soon As PossibleForum 
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information InterchangeTech 
ASICApplication Specific Integrated CircuitTechWPC.
BAPABay Area Pinball AssociationGroup 
BBBang BackPlay 
BBBone Busters  
BBBBetter Business BureauForum 
BBBBig Bang Bar  
BBBBBugs Bunny's Birthday Ball  
BBHBig Buck Hunter  
BCBad Cats  
BDBig DickForum199?, Fabulous Fantasies.
BDKBatman - The Dark Knight  
BFBatman Forever  
BFTKBattle For The KingdomPlayFrom Medieval Madness.
BGBig Guns  
BHBig Hurt  
BHBlack Hole  
BHHHCBlack Hole/Haunted House ClubGroup1994
BHZABen Heck's Zombie AdventurelandVideo Pinball 
BKBlack Knight  
BK2000Black Knight 2000  
BK2KBlack Knight 2000  
BOPThe Machine: Bride of Pinbot  
BRBanzai Run  
BRBike Race  
BRUSABig Race USAVideo Pinball 
BSBattle SimulationPlayFrom Star Trek: The Next Generation.
BSDBram Stoker's Dracula  
BSM(Black Suit) Spider-Man  
BTTFBack to the Future  
BWBarb Wire  
BW100Black Water 100  
C1812Class of 1812  
CBWCue Ball Wizard  
CCCactus Canyon  
CCCaribbean Cruise  
CFTBLCreature From the Black Lagoon  
CHCar Hop  
CHCrocodile HunterVideo Pinball 
CJCactus Jack's  
CMOSComplimentary Metal Oxide SemiconductorTech 
CPChampion Pub  
CPUCentral Processing UnitTech 
CRCCyclic Redundancy CheckTech 
CRTCathode Ray TubeTech 
CSICSI:Crime Scene Investigation  
CTSCarpal Tunnel SyndromeTech 
CVCirqus Voltaire  
D&DDungeons & Dragons  
DCSDigital Compression SystemTechWMS sound system.
DDDevil's Dare  
DDDr. Dude  
DEData EastMfr 
DEDinosaur Eggs  
DE2Dona Elvira 2  
DHDirty Harry  
DKDark Knight (The)  
DMDemolition Man  
DMDDot Matrix DisplayTech 
DMMDigital Multi-MeterTech 
DOHODocumented Occurence of Hidden ObjectsTechCows. Easter Eggs. Fun things that take observation to spot.
DOHOHidden reference to Scott Slomiany's wife DOris HOForumIn-joke.
DOSDisk Operating SystemTech 
DSDeath SavePlay 
DSPDigital Signal ProcessorTech 
DTDrop TargetPlay 
DVMDigital Volt-MeterTech 
DWDeadly Weapon  
DWDoctor Who  
EATPMElvira and the Party Monsters  
EBEight Ball  
EBExtra BallPlay 
EBCEight Ball Champ  
EBDEight Ball Deluxe  
EBDLEEight Ball Deluxe - Limited Edition  
EBD-LEEight Ball Deluxe - Limited Edition  
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read Only MemoryTech 
EGExempli GratiaForumfor example
EGMElectronic Gaming MonthlyMagazine 
EKEvel Knievel  
EOBEnd-Of-Ball BonusPlay 
EOSSEnd-Of-Stroke SwitchTech 
EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only MemoryTech 
F14F14 Tomcat  
F-14F-14 Tomcat  
F2KFlight 2000  
FAFor AuctionForum 
FAQFrequently Asked Question or compilation thereofForum 
FBNBA Fastbreak  
FFFinal FrontierPlayFrom Star Trek: The Next Generation.
FFFlipper Football  
FGFamily Guy  
FGFlash Gordon  
FGYFamily Guy  
FP2Firepower II  
FPIIFirepower II  
FREDDYFreddy: A Nightmare On Elm Street  
FSFor SaleForum 
FSFuture Spa  
FSPAFree State Pinball AssociationGroup 
FTFish Tales  
FTFor TradeForum 
FWIWFor What It's WorthForum 
FYIFor Your InformationForum 
G/PGottlieb/Premier (manufacturer)Mfr 
GBGigabyteTechAlso used in Johnny Mnemonic.
GCGolden Cue  
GCGrand ChampionPlay 
GIGeneral IlluminationTech 
GIGilligan's Island  
GIFGraphics Interchange Format ((c) Compuserve)Tech 
GMJGameMaster's Journal (e-zine)MagazineE-Zine
GNRGuns N' Roses  
GPGrand Prix  
GSGame Show  
GTBGottlieb (manufacturer)Mfr 
GWGold Wings  
HD2Harley-Davidson 2nd Edition  
HD3Harley-Davidson 3rd Edition  
HHHaunted House  
HHHollywood Heat  
HMMHeavy Metal Meltdown  
HRCHigh Roller Casino  
HSHigh ScorePlay 
HSHigh Speed  
HS2High Speed II: The Getaway  
HS2The Getaway: High Speed II  
HSIIHigh Speed II: The Getaway  
HSIIThe Getaway: High Speed II  
HSTHigh Score TablePlay 
HTHHope That HelpsForum 
HUOHome Use OnlyTech 
I5Indianapolis 500  
I500Indianapolis 500  
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer but...Forum 
ICIntegrated CircuitTech 
ID4Independence Day  
IEId EstForumthat is
IFPAInternational Flipper Pinball AssociationGroup 
IIRCIf I Recall CorrectlyForum 
IJIndiana Jones  
IJIndiana Jones  
IJ4Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull  
IMIo Moon  
IMIron Man  
IMHOIn My Humble OpinionForum 
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble OpinionForum 
IMOIn My OpinionForum 
INDYIndiana Jones  
INDYIndiana Jones  
INDYIndianapolis 500  
IPDInternet Pinball DatabaseWebsite 
IPDBInternet Pinball DatabaseWebsite 
IPPInternet Pinball ProjectGroup 
IRCInternet Relay ChatTech 
ISBNInternational Standard Book NumberForum 
JCAJames Cameron's Avatar  
JDJudge Dredd  
JMJohnny Mnemonic  
JPJurassic Park  
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts GroupTech 
JYJunk Yard  
KKKing Kong  
KOSKings of Steel  
KWIMVKnow What I Mean, Vern?Forum 
LAHLast Action Hero  
LAILeisure & Allied InternationalMfr 
LCDLiquid Crystal DisplayTech 
LELimited EditionTech 
LEDLight Emitting DiodeTech 
LiSLost in Space  
LITZLost In The ZonePlayFrom TZ.
LLLower LeftTech 
LOLLaughing Out LoudForum 
LOTRLord of the Rings  
LRLa Retata  
LRLower RightTech 
LWLost World, The  
LWThe Lost World: Jurassic Park  
LW3Lethal Weapon 3  
M90Mundial 90  
MAMario Andretti  
MAMousin' Around  
MBMonster Bash  
MCMystery Castle  
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital InterfaceTech 
MJMichael Jordan  
MKMortal KombatPlayAlso refers to MK2, MK3, and MK4.
MMMedieval Madness  
MMMetal Man  
MNFMonday Night Football  
MPEGMoving Pictures Experts GroupTech 
MPUMain Processing UnitTech 
MSFMary Shelly's Frankenstein  
MWMushroom World  
NASCARNational Association for Stock Car Auto Racing  
NBAFNBA Fastbreak  
NFNo Fear: Dangerous Sports  
NGGNo Good Gofers  
NIBNew In BoxTechDescriptive term
NLANo Longer AvailableForumDescriptive term
NMNight Moves  
NNSNew New StockTechRemade parts
NOSNew Old StockTechOriginal parts
O1Orbitor 1  
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufact'rTechOfficial parts
OTOff TopicForum 
OTOperation: Thunder  
OTOHOn The Other HandForum 
OTTOver the TopPlayon EM's when you 'roll' the score
P2KPinball 2000Tech 
PAPAProfessional and Amateur Pinball AssociationGroup 
PAPSPinball Arcade Preservation SocietyGroup 
PATZPinball at the 'ZooEventAnnual Pinball event held in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
PB2KPinball 2000Tech 
PB35Playboy 35th Anniversary  
PCPinball Circus  
PCBPrinted Circuit BoardTech 
PFPolice Force  
PIAPeripheral Interface AdapterTech 
PITAPain in the Ass (Arse)PlayDerogatory term
PMPinball Magic  
POAPath of AdventurePlayFrom Williams Indiana Jones.
POAPinball Owners Association (UK)Group 
POPEYEPopeye Saves the Earth  
POSPiece/Pile of sh*t Used to describe the previous machine.
POSPiece/Pile of sh*t Used to describe Stern Pinball's Big Buck Hunter Pro.
POSPiece/Pile of sh*t Used to describe Stern Pinball's The Rolling Stones.
POSPiece/Pile of sh*tTech 
POTCPirates of the Caribbean  
POTOPhantom of the Opera  
PPPistol Poker  
PP:TSPro Pinball: Timeshock! (video pin)Video Pinball 
PP:TWPro Pinball: The Web (video pin)Video Pinball 
PROMProgrammable Read Only MemoryTech 
PSPool Sharks  
PSTEPopeye Saves the Earth  
PtCPunchy the Clown  
PZParty Zone  
QAQuality AssuranceTech 
QCQuality ControlTech 
QMBQuick Multi-BallPlay 
R&BRocky & Bullwinkle  
R911Rescue 911  
RAMRandom Access MemoryTech 
RBThe Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends  
RBIONRipley's Believe It or Not  
RCTRoller Coaster Tycoon  
RFRoyal Flush  
RFMRevenge From Mars  
RGRiverboat Gambler  
RHPSRocky Horror Picture ShowForum 
RKRoad Kings  
ROIReturn on InvestmentTech 
ROMRead Only MemoryTech 
ROTFLRolling On The Floor LaughingForum 
RPMRevolutions Per MinuteTech 
RSRoad Show  
RSRolling Stones  
RSRolling Stones  
RTFMRead the Freakin' ManualTech 
RTURule the UniversePlayFrom Attack From Mars.
SAShaq Attack  
SBA.G. Soccer-Ball  
SCSafe Cracker  
SCPASteel City Pinball AssociationGroup 
SDTLOStraight Down The Left OutlanePlay 
SDTMStraight Down The MiddlePlay 
SDTOStraight Down The OutlanePlay 
SDTROStraight Down The Right OutlanePlay 
SFSpecial Force  
SF2Street Fighter II  
SFIIStreet Fighter II: Champion Edition  
SHSpy Hunter  
SISpace Invaders  
SJSpace Jam  
SJSuper JackpotPlay 
SJPSuper JackpotPlay 
SMSpider Man  
SMBSpider-Man (Black Suit)  
SMBSuper Mario Bros.  
SMB-MWSuper Mario Bros. Mushroom World  
SNESSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemComputer Gaming 
SnSSurf 'n' Safari  
SOFSwords Of Fury  
SOLShort Of LuckPlay 
SOLStroke of LuckPlayFrom Attack From Mars.
SOTSStraight Out The SidePlay 
SPSouth Park  
SPLSeattle Pinball LeagueGroupFormed 2009.
SPPSimpsons Pinball Party  
SSScared Stiff  
SSSilver Slugger  
SSSkill ShotMagazineSeattle's Pinball 'Zine.
SSSolid StateTech 
SSSpace Shuttle  
SSSuperSonic Bally table.
SSOSharkey's Shootout  
SSTStarship Troopers  
SSTStarship Troopers  
STStar Trek  
STStar Trek  
STDEStar Trek  
STDMDyslexic version of SDTMPlayThe lead programmer does this occasionally too.
STTNGStar Trek: The Next Generation  
SWStar Wars  
SWE1Star Wars Episode 1  
SWTStar Wars Trilogy  
SXStriker Xtreme  
T2Terminator 2: Judgment Day  
T3Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines  
TAFThe Addams Family  
TAFGThe Addams Family Special Collectors Edition  
TCFPATwin Cities Flipper Pin AssociationGroup 
TFTitle Fight  
TFTCTales from the Crypt  
TITropic Isle (Gottlieb 1962)  
TIAThanks In AdvanceForum 
TLAThree Letter AcronymForum 
TMTime Machine  
TM:BOPThe Machine: Bride of Pinbot  
TMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
TOTee'd Off  
TOMTheatre of Magic  
ToPLToronto Pinball AssociationGroup 
TOTANTales of the Arabian Nights  
TPTest PointTech 
TPWTommy Pinball Wizard  
TRPAThree Rivers Pinball AssociationGroup 
TRSThe Rolling Stones  
TSPro Pinball: Timeshock! (video pin)Video Pinball 
TSThe Shadow  
TSThe Simpsons  
TSThe Sopranos  
TSPPThe Simpsons Pinball Party  
TTFNTa-Ta For NowForum 
TTLTransistor-Transistor LogicTech 
TTMTour The MansionPlayFrom Addams Family.
TTRTransporter - The Rescue  
TZTwilight Zone  
ULUpper LeftTech 
URUpper RightTech 
USAFU.S.A. Football  
VAVacation America  
VAPSVideo Arcade Preservation SocietyGroup 
VBATBattery VoltageTech 
VDCVolts Direct CurrentTech 
VFDVacuum Fluorescent DisplayTech 
VGAVideo Graphics Array (or Video Gate Array)Tech 
VJVacation JackpotPlayFrom White Water.
VMVideo ModePlay 
VNDViper Night Driving  
VPFVisual Pinball ForumsGroupPinball forum dedicated to the Visual Pinball program.
VUKVertical Up KickerTech 
W/LWhen LitPlay 
W?DWho ? Dunnit  
WCWorld Cup '90  
WChSWorld Championship Soccer (Gottlieb)  
WCSWorld Championship Soccer  
WCSWorld Cup Soccer  
WCS94World Cup Soccer  
WDWho ? Dunnit  
WH2OWhite Water  
WMSWilliamsMfrNow WMS Gaming.
WOFWheel Of Fortune  
WOWTerm for added (extra) ball in add-a-ball gamesPlay 
WOZWizard of Oz  
WPCWilliams Pinball ControllerTech 
WPTWorld Poker Tour  
WSCWorld Soccer Challenge  
WTBWant To BuyForum 
WTBWanted To BuyForum 
WTSWant To SellForum 
WTTWant To TradeForum 
WTTWanted To TradeForum 
WWWhite Water  
WWFWorld Wrestling Federation: Royal Rumble  
WWWWorld Wide WebTech 
XBeXtra BallPlay 
XFX Files